Safety is nothing to discuss about and must not be subject to saving. Safety and professionalism is self-evident for all employees of HeliJet Charter GmbH.


Our helicopters are twin-engine transport helicopters. The two engines produce between 750 hp and 1033 hp each. This enables us to operate in performance class 1. To reach this high standard, it is necessary that all important systems are redundant. Even in the unlikely event that one engine failes, the helicopter would be able to land or continue flying safely. respectively  this is also a guideline so that the machine can be operated as transport helicopter. Besides the latest avionics, there are always 2 pilots trained according to the highest standards on board. Regular training and check flights guarantee a competent flight performance every time.

This is also valid for our jet. Here, it is distinguished between classes, too. The Learjet is certified according to CS-25 and thus it is in the same category like a common airliner with the corresponding safety constraints. It is always flown by 2 pilots, too.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions regarding safety.

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