Service on board

We want you to feel comfortable.

Of course, your physical well-being will be catered for.

Just lean back and enjoy our service - we will do the rest.
      • our helicopters and airplanes are fully airconditioned
      • the cabins are separated from the cockpit


      Standard catering on board (executive class)

      • coffee, tea and hot chocolate
      • cold beverages
      • champagne, wine and liquors
      • fruit basket
      • snacks
      • newspapers and magazines to choise


      Individual requests

      Do you have individual requests? Please let us know!


      Choosing the catering we take special care regarding:

        • light and rich in vitals cuisine
        • always fresh and gentle preparation of the meals
        • no use of artificial additives
        • meat from Bioland or Demeter establishments
        • no use of genetically modified food


        HeliJet Charter GmbH

        Let us know your requests:

        Mrs. Monika Wirtz

        Flugplatz 21
        44319 Dortmund

        Tel: +49 (0)231 61062-12


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