Independent travelling by helicopter

Anytime. Balanced, relaxed and modern living can be so easy. HeliJet Charter GmbH is ready for depature. Safe. Experienced. Reliable. Convenient and discrete. Always.


With HeliJet Charter GmbH you can buy the only real luxury of our modern life: time. And this is not only important in business but also in social life.

Gain more time! And thus more quality of life.

Just tell us, personally by fax or email, where you want to go and when. We don’t need long advance notice and you don’t need to burden yourself with complex planning. We know you’ve got better things to do. As long as our helicopter and crew are available at the desired time and place, we'll fly you.

You let us know your desired take-off and landing points, and we’ll comply with your wishes, as long as local conditions permit safe and uncomplicated take-off and landing. And if you require a personal shuttle service from your location to the takeoff point or your next destination after landing, we’ll be pleased to arrange this for you as well.

With 2066 PS and an average speed of 270 km/h at a range of 540 km air-line distance without stopover for refueling, we fly you on time, safe, reliable and convenient to every desired destination.


HeliJet Charter GmbH

Your contact in service:
Mrs. Monika Wirtz

Flugplatz 21
44319 Dortmund

Tel: +49 (0)231 61062-12


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