Travelling by helicopter

Allow yourself the only real luxury - time!

    Your individual business charter makes you independent of the flight schedules of the regular airlines.

    Your travel planning is suited to your appointments and not the other way around - and you can expect an individual service.


    You spend a lot of time travelling and plan your appointments according to a tight schedule:a meeting in Hannover, a congress in Amsterdam. Your time is precious!

    Take advantage of our services and save time. HeliJet Charter GmbH will get you to your next appointment - safe and completely relaxed. Decide for more quality of life, in business and private - by more time.

    However, business charter with HeliJet Charter is not only time saving. Use the quietness on board and prepare for your next meeting. Besides you enjoy our catering service for which you can express your own meal wishes.

    Discretion is our top priority - besides safety, of course. You want to continue your journey by jet? No problem. We offer our jet to you at fair conditions. Alternatively, we fly you to any  airport. 

    We are looking forward to answer your questions or advise you regarding your individual requests. Contact us.


    HeliJet Charter GmbH

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    Mrs. Monika Wirtz

    Flugplatz 21
    44319 Dortmund

    Tel: +49 (0)231 61062-12


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