The Sikorsky S76-A++ is the first version of the S76 series. The A-series has a maximum take-off weight of 4.9 t. The version ++ is the second further development of the A-series. The helicopter is equipped with Turboméca Arriel 1S1 engines. It is quasi the "workhorse" of HeliJet Charter GmbH.


The Sikorsky S-76 of the US manufacturer Sikorsky is a multi-functional helicopter. The maximum take-off weight is 4.9 tons. The aircraft has a four-blade-main and a four-blade-tail rotor and a retractable landing gear. It is certified to the highest categories as transport helicopter, and is operational day and night and during marginal weather conditions


  • emergency floats for offshore flights
  • external cargo hook for loads up to 1.3 tons
  • electric hoist with lifting capacity of 272 kg and a rope length of 60 metres
  • sliding door

Seating arrangements

    • 8-seat business class arrangement
    • 12-seat economy class arrangement

    8-seat business class arrangement


    12-seat economy class arrangement


    Technical data

    • 2 turbine engines with an output of 1500 hp
    • cruise speed approx. 270 km/h
    • range up to 620 km
    • lengths 13.22 m
    • width 2.13 m
    • height 4.42 m
    • rotor diameter 13.41 m

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