The S76-B of the US manufacturer Sikorsky is the second generation of this successful series. The main difference are the powerful Pratt & Whitney engines.


The maximum take-off weight is 5.3 t. The aircraft has a four-blade-main and a four-blade-tail rotor and a retractable landing gear. This helicopter is flown by HeliJet Charter in the VIP version, however, it has also a cargo hook with which it can be used for external load flights without problems as well. It is certified to the highest categories as transport helicopter, and is operational day and night and during marginal weather conditions.


  • fully air-conditioned cabin
  • cabin separated from the cockpit
  • large luggage space
  • cargo hook

Seating arrangements

  • 6-seat executive arrangement consisting of two 360° swivel chairs and seating for up to 4 people
  • 8-seat business class arrangement, up to 9 seats are possible on request


6-seat executive arrangement


8-seat business class arrangement


Technical data

  • 2 turbine engines with a total output of 2066 hp
  • cruise speed approx. 270 km/h
  • range up to 540 km
  • lengths 13.22 m
  • width 2.13 m
  • height 4.42 m
  • rotor diameter 13.41 m

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