The Learjet 60 is a twin-engine jet of Bombardier's Learjet family. This jet is mainly used for business travels but is also used as private jet. Its uncomparable styling,  unmatched performance  and innovative technology are just fascinating.


The jet has a two-pilot cockpit and a cabin for up to seven passengers. Certified up to 51,000 feet (15,545 m), you fly high above bad weather conditions at Mach 0.81. The spacious stand-up cabin is embellished with noble wood veneers, the seats are manufactured of supple leather and finest fabrics. Together with the possiblities of the on-board kitchen, this jet enables convenient first class travelling.

Technical data

  • 2 engines Pratt&Whitney PW 305 A with each 20.46 kN thrust
  • speed approx. 859 km/h
  • range up to 4,625 km
  • service ceiling 51,000 ft
  • lengths 17.88 m
  • height 4.47 m
  • span 13.34 m

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