HeliJet Charter GmbH is an aviation company based in Langenfeld, Rheinland.

With three S-76 type helicopters, HeliJet Charter specialises primarily in chartered air travel for passengers and freight.

HeliJet Charter also recently acquired a Sikorsky S76 with load hook and rescue hoist.

"Our Sikorsky S76++ is the only civil helicopter in North Rhine-Westphalia which can cater efficiently for a varied range of applications," says Mr Schlösser, CEO of HeliJet Charter GmbH and pilot.

  • Thus, for example, the high-speed transport of personnel and equipment, or the transport of tracking dogs to a location, are made possible. The helicopter can cover 75 km in 15 minutes, roughly the distance from Düsseldorf to Hamm, Olpe, Bad Honnef, Aachen or Kleve.
  • The transport of materials as an external load (long line) in difficult-to-access areas such as forests, marshland or built-up areas with insufficient access on the ground is a further option.
  • The fast rescue and recovery of people from difficult-to-access environments using a rescue hoist completes our portfolio. Power lines, wind turbines, towers, high-rise buildings or bodies of water offer no obstacle whatsoever, and so operations could even be carried out in cases of disaster.


We were able to carry out a simulated air rescue at the air festival in Wipperfürth air festival. A demonstration with moving pictures shows how this works.

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Mit unserem Streckenrechner können Sie einfach die Flugstrecke Ihrer individuellen Helicopter- Reiseroute berechnen.

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